“To master a relationship is all about you” – Don Miguel Ruiz

One-on-One Coaching:
Individual one-on-one guidance based on your ultimate goals. Excellent for those looking to restore the love in their current relationships, the pain of a heartbreak, relationship with self, or singles looking to find the one. Learn to heal old wounds that are causing limiting beliefs that hold you back in your everyday life. Cope through mindfulness strategies and grow your awareness of self so you can empower the love you have for you and those around you. Learn how to love, be loved, and stay in love with your life.

ZOOM/SKYPE Sessions –
$125/1 hr session
$375/x4 1 hr sessions 

EMAIL Coaching – 
1 email $35
4 emails $100

Presentation and Q & A sessions for those looking for a broader perspective. Get empowered with the knowledge that Mel has to offer about dating, breakups, maintaining a loving full-filled relationship or simply… to fall in love with yourself!  A safe space to share intimate and vulnerable stories where together, we can build strategies that will build the momentum in your love adventure!

Daily seminars soulfully learn the difference between the feminine and masculine energy in relationships. Men and women think differently, learn the way to communicate your love language, and be heard! 2020 seminars we will work with other leaders in the field of wellness, nutrition and beauty to experience a full rounded experience for the body, mind and spirit!

*NEW* 2020 – RETREATS 
Spark passion within yourself or reignite between you and your partner. Learn how to cope with your triggers, while connecting to love. Learn how to access the power of love and how to truly master growth in life while being opening to receiving love all around you. All retreats work through mind/body/soul practices and create new experiences so that you leave feeling renewed, empowered and fuelled. If you are interested in a 2020 retreat in CANADA – get on the waitlist here!

The basics of working with Me:

  • We identify the challenge and the desired solution
  • We build a strategy of common practices for you to follow to change your situation around! 
  • LESSON # 1 – this isn’t about changing others, but finding a way to attract the love you want by focusing on you

NOTE: All coaching services use mindfulness and nlp practices and therefore do not replace a professional in the medical field. If you are suffering from severe anxiety, depression or bodily illness – please seek out the services of a Doctor or professional who can best serve you

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